Facts about Ginuwine

Ginuwine is 53 years old
Born: October 15, 1970 (?)
Best known as: Smooth, sexy singer of "Pony"

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Ginuwine Biography

Name at birth: Elgin Baylor Lumpkin

R&B star Ginuwine made his reputation as a creamy-smooth sexy singer in the 1990s, when he teamed with hip-hop producer Timbaland on the hit songs “Pony” (1996) and “What’s So Different?” (1999). Discovered while performing in Jodeci videos, Ginuwine got a record deal with Sony on the strength of the single “Pony.” His albums Ginuwine… The Bachelor (1996), 100% Ginuwine (1999), The Life (2001) and The Senior (2003) all sold well; he had hits with “So Anxious” and “There It Is,” and joined P. Diddy for “I Need a Girl, Pt. 2” (2002). Ginuwine’s open shirts and bedroom eyes also made him a sex symbol, and he’s made appearances on TV and in the movies, most notably in the 2002 comedy feature Juwanna Mann (with Lil’ Kim). After the 2005 release of Back II da Basics he broke with Sony.

Extra credit

His birth name is after Elgin Baylor, the National Basketball Association Hall of Famer from Washington, D.C. who played for the Minneapolis and Los Angeles Lakers (1958-72)… Some sources list his birth year as 1970, some as 1971, some as 1975.


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