Harry Belafonte sings ‘We Are the World’

Harry Belafonte takes part in the celebrity recording session for the tune "We Are the World" on January 28, 1985. The song was a fundraiser for USA For Africa, a charity aiming to help end famine in Africa. Harry Belafonte is in the very back row, second from the right end, next to Bob Geldof and also next to the final A in AFRICA. On Belafonte's right (our left) is comedian Dan Aykroyd. This image comes from an HBO special, USA For Africa: The Story of "We Are the World". Harry Belafonte was born in 1927, so he turned 58 the year this photo was taken. That may make him the oldest person in this photo; Ray Charles *looks* older, but he was born in 1930. Willie Nelson is ageless, but was born in 1933.

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