Facts about January Jones

January Jones is 43 years old
Born: January 5, 1978
Best known as: Long-suffering wife Betty Draper on TV's Mad Men



January Jones Biography

January Jones — yes, that’s her real name — plays Betty Draper, the jittery wife (and then ex-wife) of Don Draper in the television series Mad Men. January Jones grew up in South Dakota and when she turned 18 she moved to New York to be a model. She went into acting in Los Angeles, making her first film appearances in the late ’90s in the films All the Rage (1999) and The Glass House (2001) and Bandits (2001). After years of playing pretty blondes in the background, she had a lead role in the horror film Taboo (2002) and in the TV movie Love’s Enduring Promise (2004). She played Matthew Fox‘s wife in the film We Are Marshall (2006), then landed the plum role in Mad Men in 2007.  The show became a huge cable TV hit, making stars of Jones, Jon Hamm (who played Don Draper), and many of their co-stars. January Jones’s other films include Anger Management (2003, starring Adam Sandler), Love Actually (2003), Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004), Pirate Radio (2009, starring Bill Nighy and also known as The Boat That Rocked), and the mistaken-identity thriller Unknown (2011, with Liam Neeson).

Extra credit

January Jones gave birth to a son, Xander Dane Jones, on 13 September 2011. It was Jones’s first child. She has refused to publicly identify the father.


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