Facts about Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is 79 years old
Best known as: Gap-toothed supermodel and co-star of American Gigolo



Lauren Hutton Biography

Name at birth: Mary Lawrence Hutton

Lauren Hutton was one of the first "supermodels," a cover girl and cosmetics spokeswoman since the 1960s who is instantly recognized by her gap-toothed smile. In the ’70s and ’80s she dabbled in the movies, including memorable roles in Little Fauss and Big Halsey (1970, with Robert Redford), American Gigolo (1980, with Richard Gere) and Once Bitten (1985). In the ’90s Hutton made a comeback of sorts as a mature model and TV talk show host (1995). She was temporarily sidelined in 2000 because of serious leg injuries from a motorcycle accident, but has since continued her career as a model and cosmetics pitchwoman.


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