Judy Eddy / WENN

Marisa Miller arm-in-arm with Captain Morgan

Supermodel Marissa Miller (right) suffers through one of the weirder parts of her job: posing with corporate CEOs and/or mascots. Here she's described as "First Mate Marissa Miller" as she poses with quite a handsome-looking "Captain Morgan," repping the rum brand, at Haze Nightclub in the Aria Resort Hotel and Casino. (The blue jeans below the coat are a little off-brand, but oh well.) This was all in Las Vegas Nevada on October 6, 2010. Marissa Miller was born in 1978, so she turned 32 the year this photo was taken. Captain Morgan was born in 1944 -- at least, that's when his brand was created -- so he turned a very youthful 66 the same year.

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