Image supplied by WENN

Marlene Dietrich squeezed between two men in ‘Angel’

Marlene Dietrich is sandwiched between Herbert Marshall (left) and Melvyn Douglas in the 1937 film Angel. The romantic dramedy was directed by Ernst Lubitsch.

Note that Angel is a different film from The Blue Angel, the 1930 drama directed by Josef von Sternberg and starring Dietrich and Emil Jannings. That was Marlene Dietrich's first sound ("talkie") film, and made her an international star. Angel came seven years later and was more of a star vehicle for Dietrich.

Note also that although they look a bit alike, Herbert Marshall is not related to E.G. Marshall, the actor known for films like 12 Angry Men and the TV show The Defenders. However, this Melvyn Douglas IS the same Melvyn Douglas who later won Academy Awards for Hud (1963) and Being There (1979).

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