20th Century Fox / Image supplied by WENN

Naomi Watts reads poems in the film ‘Le Divorce’

Naomi Watts plays an American poet living in France in the 2003 film Le Divorce. The film, directed by James Ivory, begins with Watts's French husband cheating on her, which is totally believable given how frumpy and unattractive Watts looks here. Those French! Without disparaging Watts, whom we love, this scene looks like one of those not-so-believable stage-setting moments you see in romantic comedies, where we are asked to believe that our hero is a knockout-gorgeous poet living in Paris and reading her poems in fancy bookstores, at which she appears in expensive off-the-shoulder blouses and perfectly polished nails and lip gloss, in front of a packed crowd including a virile Frenchman, listening intently, with his own expensive shirt/blouse unbuttoned to his navel. You either buy it or you don't, right? I mean, in The Holiday, Cameron Diaz goes to England at random and settles into a quaint cottage and immediately meets Jude Law, so... it just depends on how far you're willing to go with it. This one just seems to be a little *too* stagey, making a snap judgement from this one photo. As one does.

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