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Nora Roberts is 72 years old
Best known as: Author of the romantic MacGregor series

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Nora Roberts Biography

Name at birth: Eleanor Marie Robertson

Nora Roberts is a prolific American writer of romance and crime novels whose books have topped the bestseller lists since the mid-1990s. Roberts has been publishing romance novels since 1981, averaging more than half a dozen titles every year. She is especially known for family sagas in series form, and her 1985 novel Playing the Odds — the first of several novels about the Irish MacGregor family — proved she was capable of more than formula stories. Since then the success of her books has catapulted her from trade paperback newcomer to top-selling author along the lines of Danielle Steel and Barbara Cartland. Roberts’s romance novels consistently make the bestseller lists, and since 1995 she’s had a parallel career as crime writer J.D. Robb, author several novels featuring Eve Dallas, a futuristic cop (but old-fashioned romantic). Hhttp://noraroberts.com/er novels include Montana Sky (1996, her hundredth novel), the Born In trilogy (1994-96), MacGregor Brides (1997) and MacGregor Grooms (1998) and Tribute (2008).

Extra credit

The initials J. and D. from her pseudonymn J.D. Robb are for her sons, Jason and Dan… Roberts and her husband own a renovated historic hotel in Boonesboro, Maryland.


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