Daniel Deme / WENN

Paul Allen’s big ol’ yacht

Octopus is the name of this fancy 414-foot yacht owned by late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. At the moment this photo was taken -- September 1, 2006 -- it was moored in the harbor at Venice, Italy during the 63rd Venice Film Festival. 'Cuz Paul Allen got around.

The yacht was launched in 2003, and Paul Allen died in 2018. A sale notice after his death said the Octopus "can accommodate 26 guests in 13 staterooms. Exceptional amenities include a large cinema and a recording studio with a specially designed floor to damp out noise and vibration. There is also a private observation lounge, a beach club and diving deck, pool, gym, and spa with hammam and sauna." A hammam, we've just learned, is a type of steam room or Turkish bath. We're wondering, just casually, if Hammam might have been a better name for the yacht than Octopus, which just seems a little too biological. Here are some other possible alternate names for Paul Allen's yacht: Billionaire's Plaything; Man O 'Ware; Windows on the World; Nerd Buoy; Supermodel Bait; Mister Behaving.

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