Facts about Rian Johnson

Rian Johnson is 49 years old
Birthplace: Maryland, United States
Best known as: The writer/director of 'Knives Out'



Rian Johnson Biography

Rian Johnson wrote and directed 2019’s Knives Out and was nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay.

A film school student from USC, Johnson’s first feature, Brick, earned critical raves in 2005, and allowed him to keep on making movies.

Critics loved his follow-up, The Bloom Brothers (2008, starring Adrien Brody), but it disappeared at the box office.

Johnson bounced back with 2012’s Looper, a time-travel action movie that starred Brick star Joseph Gordon-Levitt and featured Bruce Willis.

Johnson has also worked in television, most notably directing three episodes of Breaking Bad, and by 2014, he was named to direct Star Wars: The Last Jedi (released in 2017).



Extra credit

Star Wars is a series of films from George Lucas, dating back to 1977.


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