Facts about Ted McGinley

Ted McGinley is 66 years old
Born: May 30, 1958
Best known as: Jefferson D'Arcy on TV's Married With Children



Ted McGinley Biography

When Ted McGinley joined the ABC show Dancing with the Stars in 2008 he was billed as the “sitcom scene-stealer,” a reference to his long career in sitcoms, from Happy Days to Married With Children. McGinley’s big break came when he joined Happy Days for its final seasons, from 1980 to 1984 (the show began in 1974). He’s worked steadily in television ever since, from The Love Boat (1984-86) to Hope & Faith (2003-06; he played Megan Fox‘s dad in the show). Although cinés know McGinley for his role as the fair-haired fratboy in Revenge of the Nerds (1984), he’s probably best known for his turn as Jefferson D’Arcy, Al and Peg Bundy’s friendly neighbor, in seven seasons of Married with Children (1991-97).

Extra credit

Ted McGinley was on The Love Boat, but he didn’t play Isaac the Bartender. That was Ted Lange. McGinley played the boat’s photographer, Ashley Covington “Ace” Evans.


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