Nikki Nelson / WENN

Ted McGinley with a Mickey Mouse hat

Actor Ted McGinley flashes his baby greens for photographers at the 50th anniversary celebration of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The date was May 4, 2005. "Baby greens" is an awkward play on "baby blues," typically said of someone whose eyes are baby blue in color. Ted McGinley *looks* like someone who would have baby blues, but in fact his eyes are, uh, baby green. It doesn't work, we know. That's why we changed the headline from "Ted McGinley flashes his baby greens" to the simpler "Ted McGinley with a Mickey Mouse hat." Green-eyed or blue, McGinley is still a very handsome man. Ted McGinley was born in 1958, so he turned 47 the year this photo was taken.

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