Z. Tomaszewski / WENN

Tom Felton with Emma Watson in a crop top

It's Emma Watson who is in the crop top, not Tom Felton, just to be clear. Felton is at right in much heavier and more formal clothing, as the Harry Potter duo pose for red carpet photos at the Disney Kids Channel Awards. This was outside the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 20, 2003. Tom Felton and Emma Watson were born in 1987 and 1990, respectively, so they turned 16 and 13 the year this photo was taken.

Seems like Watson is getting the better of the wardrobe situation here; Felton is older, granted, but someone put him in those ugly heavy black slip-on shoes that were popular around the turn of the century. And a black dress shirt and blood-red tie on a festive occasion like this? We think not. Granted, he's a heavy in the Harry Potter movies, so maybe he's just leaning into the dark, villainous garb.

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