Facts about Yellowman

Yellowman is 68 years old
Birthplace: Kingston, Jamaica
Best known as: The albino Jamaican reggae star

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Yellowman Biography

Name at birth: Winston Foster

Yellowman is the stage name of Winston Foster, one of the biggest Jamaican reggae stars of the 1980s.

Foster, an albino, grew up in Kingston institutions and overcame a rough childhood to become a swaggering DJ with a penchant for witty and sexually explicit lyrics and a stage show that made him a local star. He began recording in the early ’80s and for the next several years released records at a furious pace, outselling every other reggae star except Bob Marley.

In 1983, Yellowman was diagnosed with throat cancer and given a dire prognosis, but he bounced back and resumed his career in the ’90s, with new tunes about spirituality. His songs include “Mad Over Me,” “Mister Chin” and “Blueberry Hill.” Yellowman’s albums include Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (1983), King Yellowman (1984), Stonewall Rambo (1998) and Round 1 (2005).


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