Famous Biblical Figures

  • Aaron

    The brother of Moses who performed miracles with a rod
  • Abraham

    Patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Adam

    The world's first man, according to the Bible
  • David, King

    The child giant-slayer who became Israel's king
  • Eve

    The world's first woman, according to the Bible
  • Gabriel

    The angel who told Mary that Jesus would be born
  • Goliath

    The giant slain by David's slingshot
  • Herod

    The Biblical king who ordered a mass slaughter of infants
  • Isaac

    The Hebrew patriarch who was almost sacrificed by his father
  • Jacob

    The Biblical patriarch who wrestled with an angel
  • Job

    The guy who was subjected to extreme suffering to prove the greatness of God
  • Jonah

    The prophet who was swallowed by a large fish
  • Mary

    Virgin mother of Jesus of Nazareth
  • Methuselah

    The biblical figure who lived nearly 1000 years
  • Moses

    Hebrew liberator who received the Ten Commandments
  • Paul of Tarsus

    Author of the biblical letters to Romans and Corinthians
  • Ruth

    Heroine of the biblical book named for her
  • Sarah

    The Hebrew matriarch who gave birth at age 91

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