Facts about Billy Crudup

Billy Crudup is 55 years old
Born: July 8, 1968
Best known as: Dr. Manhattan in the film version of Watchmen



Billy Crudup Biography

Billy Crudup is a darkly handsome stage and film actor known for taking serious-minded roles on stage and a variety of wild and intense roles on screen. Billy Crudup gained notice as the rebellious brother Jacey in Inventing the Abbots (1997, with Liv Tyler) and then played Oregon running legend Steve Prefontaine in Robert Towne’s 1998 film Without Limits. On stage he appeared in the 1997 Broadway production of Chekhov‘s Three Sisters, was nominated for a Tony for The Pillowman (2005) and won a Tony award in 2007 for his performance in The Coast of Utopia. Billy Crudup made a splash on the big screen in 2001, starring with Kate Hudson in the rock ‘n roll nostalgia flick Almost Famous and got critical raves for playing a man playing a woman in Stage Beauty (2005), but it was the 2009 film version of Alan Moore‘s Watchmen (2009, with Malin Akerman) that gave Crudup a broader moviegoing audience.

Extra credit

Billy Crudup’s last name is pronounced “crew-dup.”


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