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Johnny Depp as Dillinger: Photos

Johnny Depp puts down the mascara and picks up a tommy gun for Public Enemies, the new action flick coming out this week.

Depp plays John Dillinger, the real-life Public Enemy Number One who robbed bank after bank, had gunfight after gunfight with G-men, twice escaped from jail, picked up a hot French-Canadian girlfriend, and (spoiler!) was finally gunned down outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago — all in one wild year in 1933-34.

We’ve got the photos.

Marion Cotillard puts down the Edith Piaf mascara and picks up a Canadian accent to play Billie Frechette, Dillinger’s moll. (Love that word “moll.”)

Christian Bale plays the soon-to-be-famous-for-bagging-Dillinger federal agent Melvin Purvis. Billy Crudup plays G-for-gay G-man J. Edgar Hoover. Direction is by Michael “I Like Anti-Heroes” Mann.

The trailer makes me want to see the movie.

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