Facts about Frankie Jonas

Frankie Jonas is 19 years old
Best known as: The younger brother of the Jonas Brothers band


Frankie Jonas Biography

Frankie Jonas is the “bonus Jonas” — the much younger sibling of the three brothers who make up the Jonas Brothers band. Frankie was five when his older brothers Kevin (born 1987), Joe (b. 1989) and Nick (b. 1992) released their first album, It’s About Time, in 2006. Two years later the brothers were Disney Channel stars and Frankie was their tagalong tyke. He gained cute moppet cred after his appearances on Living the Dream, a Jonas Brothers documentary series that aired in the summer of 2008. He’s also expected to have a role in Camp Rock II, the followup to the 2008 Jonas Brothers TV movie Camp Rock.

Extra credit

Frankie Jonas is also known to fans as “Frank the Tank”… The Jonas Brothers noted on their website in 2008 that “[Frankie] and a friend have their own band now! ‘Drop/Slap’ is the name.” The friend went unnamed.


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