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The Big Big Birthdays of 2021

Who has a big birthday in 2021? As the calendar flips, here are some of the famous figures turning 21, 50, 75, and even a fabulous 100 in the new year.

Turning 21 (born in 2000)

Turning 50 (born in 1971)

Rapper Tupac Shakur would, amazingly, have been only 50 this year. He was killed in 1996.

Turning 75 (born in 1946)

Not turning 75 this year, alas:

Turning 100 this year (born in 1921)

Celebrating posthumous centennials this year:

Turning 200 this year (born in 1821)

Turning 600 this year (born in 1421)

  • English King Henry VI (War of the Roses, etc., December 6)

Turning 1900 this year (born in 121)

Who’ll be born this year and make it onto our list at age 21? Check back with us in 2042. Happy New Year to everyone having a birthday in 2021!

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