Facts about Lara Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle is 53 years old
Born: March 24, 1970
Best known as: Donna on Twin Peaks and Monica on Las Vegas



Lara Flynn Boyle Biography

Slender-in-the-extreme Lara Flynn Boyle is best known for her television roles, from Twin Peaks (1990) to The Practice (1997-2003) and Las Vegas (2005). Boyle was still a student at the Chicago Academy for the Arts when she was cast in the TV mini-series Amerika (1987). After a few movie roles, including TV’s The Preppie Murder (1989), Boyle had one of her more memorable roles as Donna Hayward in David Lynch‘s off-beat soap opera Twin Peaks. She then appeared in supporting roles in feature films, including Wayne’s World (1992, starring Mike Myers) and Red Rock West (1992, with Nicolas Cage), and put her femme fatale looks to good use as the lead player in The Temp (1993). In 1997 she returned to series television, playing a tough lawyer in The Practice. The success of the show kept her in the spotlight and earned her an Emmy nomination, and her personal life — a romance with Jack Nicholson and rumors of anorexia — kept her in the gossip columns. Since The Practice Boyle has appeared in the Hank Azaria cable series Huff (2004) and in NBC’s Las Vegas (as casino owner Monica Mancuso).


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