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Laura San Giacomo is 62 years old
Best known as: Maya Gallo on TV's Just Shoot Me



Laura San Giacomo Biography

A slender brunette with looks as Italian as her name, Laura San Giacomo was already a veteran stage actress when she appeared as Cynthia, the fiery sister-in-law in the 1989 film sex, lies, and videotape. The small-budget hit is often credited with kicking off the independent film boom of the 1990s, and it also boosted Laura San Giacomo’s film career. She played Kit, the wisecracking friend of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (1990), then appeared in a series of mid-level films, including Under Suspicion (1992), Nina Takes a Lover (1995), and The Suicide Kings (1998). She really found her footing in the TV sitcom Just Shoot Me, with San Giacomo playing a feminist editor on a fashion magazine, surrounded by horndog men and quirky women models. She also played a forensics expert in the cop drama Saving Grace (with Holly Hunter, 2007-10).

Extra credit

Laura San Giacomo is 5’2″, according to Ability magazine… She studied acting at Carnegie Mellon University, where she got a Fine Arts degree.


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