Facts about Pete Rose

Pete Rose is 83 years old
Born: April 14, 1941
Best known as: Baseball great banned for life for gambling


Pete Rose Biography

Pete Rose is one of the greatest professional baseball players in the history of the game — and also one of the most controversial.

Rose began playing professionally for the Cincinnati Reds in 1963, where he quickly earned the nickname “Charlie Hustle” for his work ethic and boundless enthusiasm.

During his 24-year career he had many high points, including a career batting average of .303, a record-setting 4,256 hits, a 44 game hitting streak (1978) and three appearances in the World Series (twice with Cincinnati, 1975 and 1976, and once with the Philadelphia Phillies, 1980).

Rose was all but guaranteed a spot in the Hall of Fame until 1989, when he was accused of betting on baseball.

Although Rose denied it, the charges were proved and he was banned from baseball for life. He finally admitted that he had bet on baseball in his 2004 book, My Prison Without Bars.

Extra credit

In 1963 Rose was named the National League’s Rookie of the Year…In 1975 he was named World Series Most Valuable Player…Rose is most closely associated with Cincinnati, but he also played for Philadelphia (1978-83) and the Montreal Expos (1984)…During his career Rose played five positions: second base, right field, left field, third base and first base…It was Yankee pitcher Whitey Ford who gave Rose his “Charlie Hustle” nickname… Rose was manager of the Reds (1985-88) as well as a player.


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