Famous Baseball Players

  • Aaron, Hank

    The baseball star who beat Babe Ruth's home run record
  • Ankiel, Rick

    The wild-armed St. Louis pitcher who switched to the outfield
  • Berra, Yogi

    The Yankee catcher who said "It ain't over 'til it's over"
  • Bonds, Barry

    Major league baseball's all-time home run leader
  • Ellis

    The MLB player who pitched a no-hitter on LSD
  • Gehrig, Lou

    The New York Yankee hero known as "The Iron Horse"
  • Jeter, Derek

    Shortstop (and five-time World Series winner) for the New York Yankees since 1996
  • Maris, Roger

    The man who broke Babe Ruth's single-season home run record
  • Mays, Willie

    The All-Star center fielder called the Say Hey Kid
  • McGwire, Mark

    The steroid-enhanced slugger who broke the single-season home run record in 1998
  • Morris, Jim

    The pitcher who made the majors as a 35-year-old rookie
  • Nomo, Hideo

    The "tornado"-style pitcher with two no-hitters
  • Paige, Satchel

    Negro League pitcher who made it to the majors in his 40s
  • Piazza, Mike

    The hard-hitting catcher named to the Hall of Fame in 2016
  • Ripken, Cal

    The long-playing "Iron Man" of baseball's Baltimore Orioles
  • Rose, Pete

    Baseball great banned for life for gambling
  • Ruth, Babe

    New York Yankee hero and home run king
  • Suzuki, Ichiro

    The Japanese baseball superstar for the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees
  • Thorpe, Jim

    Star athlete in track and field, football and baseball
  • Trout, Mike

    Angels outfielder who was Rookie of the Year in 2014

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