Facts about Peter Berg

Peter Berg is 59 years old
Born: March 11, 1964
Best known as: Dr. Billy Kronk on TV's Chicago Hope



Peter Berg Biography

Actor-turned-director Peter Berg gained his Hollywood credentials in the 1990s, on TV as hockey-loving Dr. Kronk in the medical drama Chicago Hope (1995-99), and in films such as The Last Seduction (1994) and Copland (1997, starring Sylvester Stallone). He then wrote and directed Very Bad Things (1998, with Cameron Diaz), and since then he’s carved out a career as a producer-director who occasionally appears on screen in acting roles. As a director his credits include the cable TV show Wonderland (2000) and the feature films The Rundown (2003, starring The Rock), Friday Night Lights (2004, starring Billy Bob Thornton), The Kingdom (2007, starring Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx) and Hancock (2008, starring Will Smith). As an actor his credits include Collateral (2004, starring Tom Cruise) and Smokin’ Aces (2006).


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