Facts about Prescott Bush

Prescott Bush died at 77 years old
Born: May 15, 1895
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Best known as: The father of president George Bush

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Prescott Bush Biography

Prescott Bush was the father of president George Bush and grandfather of president George W. Bush. Like his son and grandson, Prescott Bush attended Yale and belonged to the student secret society known as Skull and Bones. Prescott Bush served as a captain of artillery (coincidentally, the same rank held by Harry S. Truman) during World War I. After the war Bush became a businessman, eventually settling in Connecticut and working in New York’s banking industry. He was elected U.S. senator as a Republican from Connecticut in 1952, following the mid-term death of Senator Brien McMahon. Prescott Bush was re-elected in 1956 and retired after that term ended in 1963.

Extra credit

Prescott Bush married the former Dorothy Walker in August 1921. They had five children: Prescott, George, Nancy, Jonathan and William (known as “Buck”)… Bush shares a name with his great-grandson George Prescott Bush (the son of Florida governor Jeb Bush)… A long-running rumor alleges that Prescott Bush, along with two fellow Yale students, stole the skull of the Indian chief Geronimo from his Oklahoma grave in 1918 and delivered it to Skull and Bones headquarters in New Haven. The rumor has never been publicly proved or disproved.


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