Facts about Walter Mossberg

Walter Mossberg is 76 years old
Born: March 27, 1947
Best known as: Creator of the Wall Street Journal column "Personal Technology"

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Walter Mossberg Biography

Name at birth: Walter Stephen Mossberg

A self-described “anti-techie technology writer,” Walt Mossberg writes the influential weekly column “Personal Techology” for The Wall Street Journal. Mossberg joined the newspaper in 1970 and covered national and international affairs as a reporter until launching the weekly column in 1991. Mossberg’s enthusiasm for simplicity in computers, software, cell phones, and gadgets of all kinds has made him one of the most influential columnists in the wired world. Newsweek called him “a champion of the technology-befuddled everyman” in 1997, and Wired said in 2005, “Few reviewers have held so much power to shape an industry’s successes and failures.” Mossberg also has written for the magazine Smart Money and appeared as a regular commentator on CNBC and The Charlie Rose Show. Under the auspices of The Wall Street Journal, he and fellow columnist Kara Swisher oversee D: All Things Digital, an exclusive annual conference on technology. (The first D conference was held in 2003; subsequent conferences have been numbered as D2, D3, and so on.) Mossberg is the author of The Wall Street Journal Book of Personal Technology (1995).

Extra credit

The opening line of Mossberg’s first “Personal Technology” column on 17 October 1991 has become famous: “Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it isn’t your fault”… Mossberg was born in Providence, Rhode Island, but grew up in the nearby town of Warwick… He attended Pilgrim High School in Warwick with actor James Woods… Mossberg has an undergraduate degree in Politics from Brandeis University (1969) and graduated from the Columbia University School of Journalism in 1970.


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