Famous Columnists

  • Barry, Dave

    Goofy humor columnist for The Miami Herald, 1983-2005
  • Breslin, Jimmy

    Pugnacious New York City newspaper columnist of the 1960s-2000s
  • Brott, Armin

    The author of the parenting book The Expectant Father
  • Drudge, Matt

    The muckraking "citizen journalist" who runs The Drudge Report
  • Mossberg, Walter

    Creator of the Wall Street Journal column "Personal Technology"
  • Novak, Robert

    Political columnist and former co-host of TV's Crossfire
  • Schmich, Mary

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist who wrote the "Wear Sunscreen" e-mail essay
  • Shapiro, Ben

    The conservative gadfly who started The Daily Wire

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