Facts about Andy Dick

Andy Dick is 58 years old
Best known as: Host of MTV's The Andy Dick Show



Andy Dick Biography

Andy Dick got his start in comedy TV in the 1990s, as a regular on The Ben Stiller Show (1992) and News Radio (1995-99). His career peaked in 2001, as the star of MTV’s The Andy Dick Show a talk show of sorts that capitalized on his nerdy persona and over-the-line jokes. (A specialist in outrageous and rude humor, he has been compared to a similar MTV personality, Tom Green.) Dick has played character roles in many films, including Reality Bites (1994, with Janeane Garofalo), The Cable Guy (1996, with Stiller and Jim Carrey), Inspector Gadget (1999, with Matthew Broderick), Road Trip (2000, with Green), and Employee of the Month (2006, with Jessica Simpson. Dick pleaded guilty to cocaine and marijuana possession in1999 after crashing his car in Hollywood, the first of many brushes with the law. He still works in movies and on TV — he was a regular on the sitcom Less Than Perfect from 2002 to 2006 and had a talk show (House Arrest) in 2009 — but in recent years he’s gained more fame from news accounts of drug possession and public indecency.

Extra credit

Dick is known for his brushes with doomed celebrities: besides co-starring with the late Phil Hartman on News Radio, he was a rehab partner of comedian Chris Farley and he had been out in Las Vegas with Suddenly Susan co-star David Strickland hours before Strickland committed suicide in 1999.


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