Facts about Anne Heche

Anne Heche is 53 years old
Born: May 25, 1969
Birthplace: Aurora, Ohio, United States
Best known as: That blonde actress who dated Ellen Degeneres for a while



Anne Heche Biography

Despite turning in fine performances as a working actress since the late 1980s, Anne Heche is probably most famous as the former lover of comedian Ellen DeGeneres and for her highly publicized mental breakdown in 2000. Heche got her start on TV as a teen, ultimately winning a Daytime Emmy in 1991 for her portrayal of good/evil twins in the soap opera Another World. She played supporting roles in feature films throughout the 1990s, including parts in Donnie Brasco (1997, with Johnny Depp) and the political satire Wag the Dog (1997, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro). She moved into lead roles in the island adventure Six Days Seven Nights (1998, with Harrison Ford) and Gus Van Sant‘s remake of Psycho (1998), but her screen career was overshadowed by her personal life after she announced she was in love with TV star DeGeneres. They became Hollywood’s most famous lesbian couple until their breakup in 2000. Soon after their breakup, Heche was found on a farm near Fresno, California, under the influence of drugs and claiming that she was “Celestia” and was waiting for a spaceship to take her to heaven. In 2001 her autobiographical book Call Me Crazy explained Celestia as an alter-ego created as a defense against bad childhood memories (including incidents her family has adamantly denied). The incident was the basis for the wry title of her 2001 memoir, Call Me Crazy. In spite of the melodramatic off-screen life, Heche continued to work in films like John Q (2002, starring Denzel Washington) and Birth (2004). In 2006 she began starring as a relationship coach who settles in Alaska in the TV series Men In Trees.

Extra credit

Heche married film cameraman Coley Laffoon in September of 2001. Their son, Homer Heche Laffoon, was born in March of 2002.


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