Jeane Dixon

Facts about Jeane Dixon

Jeane Dixon died at 93 years old
Born: January 3, 1904
Best known as: Popular astrologer and psychic

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Jeane Dixon Biography

A Roman Catholic, Jeane Dixon believed she had a gift from God that allowed her to foretell the future. She became one of the first to be known as a “celebrity psychic.”

From a young age, Dixon did psychic readings for friends and family, and as a young wife in Washington, D.C. many of her clients were government officials. She claimed to have met twice with President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In 1956 she predicted in PARADE magazine that a Democrat would win the 1960 presidential election, and that he would be assassinated while in office.

When John Kennedy was killed, Dixon became famous.

A 1965 book by Ruth Montgomery called The Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jeane Dixon sold millions of copies and boosted Dixon’s national fame.

Dixon became a syndicated newspaper columnist, delivering horoscopes and advice. For many years supermarket tabloids relied on Dixon’s annual predictions, most of which didn’t come true.

Dixon was also known for her proximity to the White House during the administrations of Republican presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. It is unclear to what extent (if any) Dixon’s ESP abilities influenced United States foreign and domestic policies under those presidents.

Extra credit

For a short time, Dixon was an advisor to Ronald and Nancy Reagan.


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