Facts about Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox is 46 years old
Born: June 2, 1978
Best known as: Star of TV's Unhappily Ever After and Las Vegas



Nikki Cox Biography

Nikki Cox is an actress best known for breaking out in the television sitcom Unhappily Ever After (1995-99).

Nikki Cox made her TV debut at age 10 in an episode of the sitcom Mama’s Family, an appearance followed by other minor roles in film and television.

After a brief period as a dancer in music videos (including one by Paula Abdul), Cox landed the va-va-voom role of Tiffany Malloy in Unhappily Ever After.

Cox was then cast in several TV roles that emphasized her good looks, including The Norm Show (1999-2001), Nikki (2000-02), The Jake Effect (2003) and Las Vegas (2003-07, starring James Caan).

Cox was nominated for a Grammy award in 2016 for writing the comedy album Happy. And A Lot. by her then-husband, Jay Mohr (the couple divorced in 2018).

Extra credit

Nikki Cox was married to comic actor Jay Mohr (the original host of TV’s Last Comic Standing) from 2006 until their divorce in 2018. They had one son, Meredith, born in 2011.


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