Facts about Nim Chimpsky

Nim Chimpsky died at 26 years old
Best known as: Language-learning chimp with a funny name


Nim Chimpsky Biography

The chimpanzee Nim Chimpsky was the subject of a landmark experiment in teaching sign language to apes. Named in a humorous salute to language theorist Noam Chomsky, Nim was raised in a human-like setting and taught sign language as if he were a human child. Nim learned to use basic signs but, it was generally agreed, did not develop complex language skills. (Other famous language-learning apes include Koko the gorilla and Washoe the chimp.) Nim was later sold to a medical lab to be the subject of experiments, but through the intervention of activist Cleveland Amory he was instead sent to retirement at a Texas wildlife sanctuary.

Extra credit

Nim Chimpsky is also the name of a popular Welsh band.


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