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A Selection of J.D. Salinger Links

The above ad is from It’s probably true that any first edition of Catcher in the Rye is likely to have the swear words underlined, so it’s understandable that a book that’s been scribbled in can still be considered to be in very good condition.

Janet Malcolm, in this long 2001 essay from the New York Review of Books shows she really likes Salinger’s work, especially Franny and Zooey.

“Stop Teaching Catcher in the Rye is a 2008 essay that should entertain non-fans and irritate devoted fans.

“Aw, the World’s a Crumby Place”, a review by James Stern from 1951, is a short, delightfully clever stab at Salinger’s most famous work.

The terrific site Letters of Note has this letter from Salinger from 1957, about why Catcher in the Rye can’t be dramatized on stage or screen (among other things, Salinger bemoans “the immeasurably risky business of using actors.”).

Dead Caulfields is an archive of Salinger-related news stories, as well as a tribute to his work.

J.D. Salinger v. Random House and Ian Hamilton is a summary of the 1987 legal case over an unauthorized biography.

Here’s a tale of a chance encounter in 1967.

And from New Hampshire Magazine in July 2009, “Desperately Seeking Salinger”.

Here is part one of “In Search of J.D. Salinger.”

And here is part two.

What I Heard at J.D. Salinger’s Doorstep, a 2009 piece by Tom Leonard, is yet another story of dogging Salinger at his home.

For a bit of Salinger family trivia, here’s an old interview with his son, actor/producer Matt Salinger, about starring in the 1990 film Captain America.

And, if you really want to watch the movie, go here.

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