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Photo of Dolly Parton in hoop earrings and a big ol' head of platinum blonde hair, smiling. We can just see the top of her gold jacket

The Big Big Birthdays of 2021

Who has a big birthday in 2021? As the calendar flips, here are some of the famous figures turning 21, 50, 75, and even a fabulous 100 in the new …..

A solemn-looking saint, wearing a miter with a cross and green robes, in a stained-glass window

Behold the Big Big Birthdays of 2020

Here they come: the big, big birthdays of 2020. Who turns 50 this year? Who turns 100? What about 1400? (And would you be surprised to learn that Spongebob Squarepants is …..

Photo collage of six figures: Edmund Hillary (in climbing gear), Sheryl Sandberg, Jennifer Lopez, Bert and Ernie, and Jackie Robinson

Look at These Big Big Birthdays of 2019

Who turns 21 in 2019? Who turns 50? Who turns 100? Or 200? Would you believe that Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris is already 21? That Hangover goofball Zach Galifianakis is already …..

Born 100 Years Ago: JFK, Ella and So Many More

What a year for being born was 1917! Actor Dean Martin, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and jazz star Thelonius Monk all hit their 100th birthdays this year… and they can’t even crack the top …..

Photo of Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra ‘Gave Men License to Cry’

Frank Sinatra is 100 years old today, and Stephen Holden has a terrific notebook that captures so many truths about the man. Holden runs through a recap of all the …..

Packy the Elephant is Now 50

The Oregon Zoo’s star elephant was born the same year as Tom Cruise and King Abdullah of Jordan. And he gets more cake than either one.

The Big Big Birthdays of 2012

Which creepy Roman celebrates his 2000th birthday this year? Which author turns 200? Which action star hits 50? Answers after the jump.

The Bush Twins are 30 Years Old

Gee, they were only 18 when their dad was elected president. Now the Bush Twins have turned 30.  Tempus fugits itself once again.

Peter Jackson is 50

Peter Jackson is hugging stuffed dogs, directing The Hobbit, and turning 50.  

Hard Hats and Hisahito: This Week in Biographies

It’s not clear who to thank for Labor Day, but we give it a shot. Also: a Japanese prince turns 5, a Pretenders princess turns 60, and it’s quite clear who’s responsible for the only presidential baby ever born in the White House.Read it all >>

How Many Other Presidents Turned 50 in Office?

Barack Obama turns 50 years old on this very day.  Question: How many other U.S. presidents have turned 50 while in office?  Take a guess, and we’ll give you the answer after this roll call.

Barack Obama: A Birthday Timeline

Ever think to yourself as a kid, “Gee, I wonder where I’ll be when I’m 50?”If you’re Barack Obama, the answer to that question turned out to be: “In the White House, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as the duly-elected President of the United States.”

Peter O’Toole Still Hasn’t Hit 80

Distinguished actor Peter O’Toole turns 79 years old today. He was born in 1932, which practically seems like yesterday.

Beatrix Potter Sesquicentennial -5

Happy 145th birthday, Beatrix Potter.  Love you, babe!You were born the same year as Butch Cassidy and H.G. Wells.

Bob Dylan Turns 70: Three Photos

Bob Dylan turns 70 today.  Is it wrong to say that he seems older than that?Here’s how he looked in the acoustic 1960s…… electrified on his 1978 “Street Legal” world tour…

Luther Vandross Would Have Turned 60 Today

Honey-voiced crooner Luther Vandross would have turned 60 today, had he not died (alas) in 2005.  Never in perfect health, Vandross had a stroke and lapsed into a coma in 2003, snapped out of it long enough to collect accolades (and Grammys) for his album Dance

William Shatner is 80, Amazingly

Happy birthday to William Shatner, who is 80 years old, starring in his own sitcom, and looking good.  (The photo above was taken last month, not in 1998.) 

Burt Reynolds Is 75 and Just the Right Age to Play Antonin Scalia

Seventies superstud Burt Reynolds turns 75 years old today.  He was born in Lansing, Michigan on this day in 1936. (Exactly one month before the birth of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia. Reynolds could play Scalia in a film about the rise of the Tea Party, couldn’t he? Maybe in Jack Horner mode?)

Steve Prefontaine Would Be Only 60 Today

Wow: Oregon running legend Steve Prefontaine would be turning only 60 years old today.  He was born on this day in 1951 and died in a car crash after a race at age 24.

Robert Duvall is 80 Years Old

Robert Duvall turns 80 years old today. Happy birthday, old man! You’re the greatest. 

The Big Big Birthdays of 2011

Happy New Year from Who2! And an early ‘happy birthday’ to these famous people who celebrate landmark birthdays in 2011.300 YearsPhilosopher DAVID HUME was born on April 26th, 1711.  He wrangled with Rousseau and argued that experience and observation must be the foundation of human knowledge.  200 Years

Paul Bowles, Happy 100th Birthday!

Paul Bowles, noted expatriate and author of The Sheltering Sky, was born on this day 100 years ago.Fans have been celebrating all year.Paul Bowles lived to be nearly 89 and stayed in Morocco ’til the bitter end, as this 1998 interview shows.

The Julie Andrews Three-Quarter-Century

Wow: Julie Andrews is 75 years old today. That’s her above on Broadway in My Fair Lady in 1956, just 54 short years ago.

Bill Murray is 60!

Happy birthday to Bill Murray, who turns 60 today.  He was born on this day in 1950, just five short years after the end of World War II.Now see a photo of Bill Murray in a canary-yellow parachute outfit >>

Fred Durst Leaps Into Middle Age

Fred Durst, front man for Limp Bizkit, turns 40 today.Other musicians who turn 40 this year: DMX, Beck, and Josie and the Pussycats.

Sean Penn: A 50th-Birthday Sideburn Celebration!

Happy 50th birthday to terrific actor Sean Penn.Sean Penn was born on 17 August 1960 in Burbank, California. Being born just over the hill from Hollywood, it’s no surprise Penn ended up as an actor — though it’s maybe a surprise that he ended up being such a good actor.In honor of his 50th birthday, here’s a photo collection of the many faces of Sean Penn.  As we’ll see, those many faces have had many different sideburns.

Where Have You Gone, Red Adair?

Red Adair, offshore oil well disaster expert, would have been 95 years old today, had he not gone to that great rig in the sky in 2004. 

Art Bell Can Now Retire Instead of Quitting

Art Bell, the spooky radio host who has so often quit his job, can now simply retire instead.  He turns 65 today.The last time Bell quit was in 2007, when he was 62. Perhaps he was simply anticipating the French system.

Birthday Twins: Pat Robertson and Stephen Sondheim?

Talk about opposites:  TV preacher Pat Robertson and Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim were born on the exact same day in 1930.  Both men turned 80 today.Stephen Sondheim was born in New York City and Pat Robertson was born in Lexington, Virginia, and that’s not much surprise in either case. Well, it’s all show business, after all.  Happy birthday, gentlemen!

Jimmy Swaggart Is 75 Years Old

Before Ted Haggard and his trips to Denver, and just after Jim Bakker and his hush money to Jessica Hahn, there was the Rev. Jimmy Swaggart.

Buzz Aldrin 80th Birthday – PHOTOS

Buzz Aldrin — moon-walking hero and one of our favorite astronauts — was born on this day in New Jersey in 1930.A few birthday photos from his Apollo 11 days:

Happy 55th Birthday, Mr. Bean!

Another few decades and he’ll be a has-bean. (Nyuk!)Rowan “Mr. Bean” Atkinson turns 55 today.

Happy 35th Birthday, Bradley Cooper

Happy birthday to you, The Hangover star Bradley Cooper. You were born on this day in 1975.Dude, still looking good!

Happy 65th Birthday, General Wesley Clark

Happy 65th birthday to General Wesley Clark, the commander who led NATO forces to victory in Kosovo in 1999. He was a Democratic candidate for president in 2004. And he …..

Julie Delpy Turns 40

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1219:]]Ethereal actress Julie Delpy turns 40 years old today. That’s Delpy at center above, with her parents at the 2007 Edinburgh Film Festival. Here’s a slighly more glam shot from the 2005 Academy Awards:More photos of Julie Delpy >>

Happy 50th Birthday, Allison Janney

The West Wing star was born in Boston in 1959. Which gives us the chance to run this truly unflattering photo from the “Broadway Bares Strip-A-Thon” for charity last June.More flattering photos here.(Photo: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.)

Happy 70th, George Hamilton

Glowing bronze actor George Hamilton turns 70 today. He was born this day in 1939, the same year as another master of suave aging: George Lazenby.Here’s an awkward photo from April. The caption: “George Hamilton being asked for money by a homeless person outside Mr. Chow restaurant. Beverly Hills, California.”