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Ryūsuke Hamaguchi Biography – New!

Our new biography of film director Ryūsuke Hamaguchi is now live. Ryūsuke Hamaguchi is the Japanese film director whose drama Drive My Car has been nominated for four Academy Awards …..

Leonardo DiCaprio attending the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 28, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California..Where: Hollywood, California, United States. When: 29 Feb 2016.

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets His Oscar Engraved

How do you get your name engraved on your Oscar? Turns out you just go to the Governors Ball and wait in line, as this Variety video shows: .@LeoDiCaprio gets his Oscar engraved at …..

Are You Ready for The Hamster Revenant?

Congratulations to Leonardo DiCaprio for his Oscar win for the gory mountain-man drama The Revenant. Now for more good news: the sequel is already here! Prepare yourself for: The Hamster Revenant. Next …..

Chris Rock Photos: The Fun Ones

Chris Rock hosted the 2016 Oscars, so we just updated our photo files of him. And by golly, his photos are a lot more fun than the typical actor or Oscar host, like …..

Leonardo DiCaprio in a mountain man beard, looking stern

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Last Movie Star?

Is Leonardo DiCaprio the world’s last movie star? Ty Burr makes the case: Tom Cruise can’t open a movie anymore, unless it’s called “Mission Impossible: The Quest for Relevance”… Will …..

Barkhad Abdi Biography: New!

The first-time actor stunned the film world with his Oscar nomination for Captain Phillips.

Bruce Dern Biography: New!

Bruce Dern has just earned his second Oscar nomination, 35 years after his first.

No Robert Redford Oscar Nomination? C’mon!

Christian Bale’s fat gut and Leonardi DiCaprio’s power suits over the quiet dignity of Robert Redford? You’ve got to be kidding us, Academy.

Marlon Brando on Dick Cavett, in 1973

 This Marlon Brando interview was just after he’d won the Oscar for The Godfather — and sent a surrogate to accept it, in a controversial move.

Fixing the Oscar Host Problem

In which we wade in, clean up the mess, and pick the perfect host for next year.

Alan Menken Biography: New!

He’s the most-Oscared person alive (sort of) and he just won his first Tony. Do you know him?

James Cromwell on ‘The Artist’

James Cromwell (“That’ll do, pig”) is one of the many faces in the Oscar-nominated film The Artist. He explains to Moviefone why.

Peter O’Toole Still Hasn’t Hit 80

Distinguished actor Peter O’Toole turns 79 years old today. He was born in 1932, which practically seems like yesterday.

Jack Wild, Happy Fifth Deathday to You

Actor Jack Wild died on this day in 2006. Cancer of the mouth was the cause; he’d had most of his tongue and larynx removed in 2004, but the disease got him at age 53.

Oscar Winners Stare Bravely Ahead, Holding Their Oscars

It’s easier to look bravely into the future when you’re holding an Oscar in your hand.  Academy Award winners Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Melissa Leo and Colin Firth did just that last nigh

Two-Fisted Oscars for ‘The Fighter’

Melissa Leo and Christian Bale — mother and son in The Fighter — have swept the supporting actor awards at the 2011 Oscars. 

Colin Firth Biography (With Photos!)

Colin Firth is our odds-on favorite to win the best actor Oscar tonight. Because “60% of the Academy will be voting for him because they’re still in love with the big lug as Mr.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco Host the Oscars (Plus Predictions!)

It took three views to figure out that James Franco shouts “wardrobe malfunction!” as he tackles Anne Hathaway at 0:21. But no problem: I’m there. I like both actors and I like how game they are in this promo. If you can’t get up for hosting the Oscars, why are you in showbiz?Let’s get right to the predictions for the Big Five Oscars of 2011 (well, 2010):

You’re a Vandal, Charlie Brown!

The graffiti artist Banksy messed with comic icon Charlie Brown this weekend in Los Angeles. This little slice of subversion was painted on the wall of a derelict building near Sunset Boulevard.

How Tall is Jacki Weaver?

Jacki Weaver is 4’9″ tall.  We just did the research.The Australian actress and Oscar nominee is clearly a bit on the short side. In the gangster film Animal Kingdom she plays a crime boss so tiny she’s nicknamed “Smurf.”

Warren Beatty Really Likes His Beige Suit

Here’s Warren Beatty with his nominee wife, Annette Bening, at the Oscar lunch yesterday — she in a lovely black dress, he in a simple beige suit.

Eat Your Heart Out, Captain Hook

A resiliant Aron Ralston gets a laugh out of his missing right arm at the Australian premier of the movie 127 Hours on Monday night. The film stars James Franco …..

Coens vs. Clint: Multi-Oscar Showdown!

“Fill your hands with Oscar nominations, you #$@%!!”The Coen Brothers are thrice-nominated for True Grit in the Academy Awards this year: for best picture, director, and adapted screenplay. 

From Hayley Mills to Hailee Steinfeld: Oscar Can’t Resist Young Women

Hailee Steinfeld, age 14, will be nominated for an Oscar tomorrow for True Grit, because she deserves it and because the Academy loves to nominate plucky youngsters.Yes, the Academy loves plucky. But it loves plucky young women just a little more than plucky young men.

James Mason at Last!

James Mason (center) with Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, and Martin Landauin the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock thriller North By NorthwestEditor Paul Hehn has just profiled actor James Mason, and thank heavens. He’s a great one.

Oscar Wrap-Up

The LA Times blog The Envelope has it all pretty well covered.

Crucial Oscar News About Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland says she “wasn’t on meds” at the 2010 Oscars. So take that, critics!  [[wysiwyg_imageupload:321:]]See our biography of Kathy Ireland »Photo: WENN

Stanley Tucci Is a Good Interview

“Sometimes you do just have to go do a job to make money, and sometimes — I think — who was it? Was it Edward G. Robinson who said — you did three movies a year. One for the location, one for the money, and one for the art.”Stanley Tucci, in an interview with Dark Horizons last year.

The Oscars: 10 Worst Robberies

The Telegraph has compiled their 10 worst injustices in Oscar history. Stanley Kubrick, Kevin Costner, and (ugh) Forrest Gump all figure prominently. “2010’s most obvious potential injustice — will District 9 …..

Ideas for Oscar Rejuvenation

Defamer has some lively ideas for making the Academy Awards relevant again. Included are scenarios titled Drink the Golden Globes Under the Table, Post-Modern Oscar, and… Logan’s Run: The tweens have taken over entertainment; how long does Oscar think it can hold out anyway? Show Oscar’s commitment to staying relevant by terminating the careers of any actor over 35 on live TV.Host: Vanessa Hudgins

Nutty Moonman Drama at the VMAs

Kanye West got nutty at last night’s MTV Music Video Awards. Taylor Swift was accepting her “Moonman” award for best female music video when Kanye grabbed the mic to deliver …..

Which Is the Best Best Picture Ever?

Newsday is holding a vote. First they’re weeding it down decade by decade — then those winners, plus a few wildcards, go head to head for the title of Best Best Picture of All Time.Here were my votes:

Oscar Ennui for ABC?

Dark Knight wasn’t nominated. But…”Yes! The highbrow Holocaust film with lukewarm reviews is in the game!”Mark Caro says the Oscar nominees are bad news for the broadcaster.

The Oscar Revenge of Benjamin Button

Make fun of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button all you want, but it pulled down thirteen nominations in the 2009 Oscar race.Including best picture, best actor (Brad Pitt), best director (David Fincher), best phony old-guy makeup, etc, etc.The ceremony is February 22nd. The other best picture nominees: Frost/Nixon, The Reader, Milk, and (our early favorite) Slumdog Millionaire.