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The NY Daily News cover has photos of Barack Obama, George Bush, and Bill Clinton speaking at the funeral of civil rights leader John Lewis. Below is a photo of Trump with the subhead, 'As past presidents honor Lewis, pouty Trump touts delaying elex.'

NY Daily News on Trump: ‘Three Men and a Baby’

Now, there’s a headline writer who went home with a sense of a job well done. Noted the article: Trump was the lone living president to play no official role in …..

Photo of George Bush

George H.W. Bush: A Good Man, A Bitter Political Legacy

Any discussion of President George Herbert Walker Bush, who died yesterday at age 94, should start by acknowledging that he was by any measure a public servant, a fine family …..

Photo of Barbara Pierce Bush

Barbara Bush, Wife and Mother of Presidents, Dead at 92

Former First Lady Barbara Bush has died at age 92. While no cause of death was announced, The Washington Post reports that she had been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; a spokesman …..

Photo of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Dead at 90 (or Maybe 89)

Cuban rebel, dictator and Máximo Lider Fidel Castro has died. No cause of death was given in the announcement by his brother, Cuban leader Raúl Castro: “I say to the people …..

Newspaper front pages from around the world on the day that Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America.Featuring: New York Post - USA. When: 09 Nov 2016.

A Coastal Elitist Votes for the Heartland

Coastal elites have been voting for the heartland for 50 years. The problem is that the heartland has been voting the other way.

Tony Blair delivers a speech at the National September 11 Memorial Museum Auditorium in New York City.Featuring: Tony Blair. Where: New York, New York, United States. When: 06 Oct 2015.

Tony Blair is ‘Baffled’ by Bernie Sanders

Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, says he is “baffled” by the rise of left-wing leaders Bernie Sanders in the US and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. Blair’s …..

Who Else Might Die at Age 69 This Year?

Actor Alan Rickman and musician David Bowie have both died already this year, both at the young age of 69. Surprising and sad! The modest coincidence of their age got us wondering what other …..

Jeb Bush’s Secret 7-Point Plan to Save His Campaign

[pt id=’87070′ size=’full’ link=’post’ class=’aligncenter’]Jeb Bush has a secret six-point plan to save his presidential campaign, according to the New York Times. With respect to the news-gathering abilities of the Times, …..

President Bush: My Truck For Your Missing Limbs

 Former President George W. Bush’s truck was sold at a charity auction this week for $300,000. Hey! That would buy about 30 prosthetic limbs for the (American) survivors of the war he started!

New Bush Portraits Unveiled

President Barack Obama hosted former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush to the White House, where new portraits of the two were unveiled.

E.L. Doctorow Tees Off

Celebrated author E.L. Doctorow offers a how-to guide to American “unexceptionalism.”

The Bush Twins are 30 Years Old

Gee, they were only 18 when their dad was elected president. Now the Bush Twins have turned 30.  Tempus fugits itself once again.

Donald Rumsfeld’s New Book is Not Exactly Filled With Regrets

“The tedious, self-serving volume is filled with efforts
to blame others… It is a book that
suffers from many of the same flaws that led the administration into
what George Packer of The New Yorker has called “a needlessly deadly”
undertaking — that is, cherry-picked data, unexamined assumptions and an
unwillingness to re-examine past decisions.”

Memories of the Al Gore Administration

What if the Supreme Court had given the election to Al Gore instead of George W. Bush? New York magazine imagines.

Barack Obama: The Rolling Stone Interview

Where has this sharp, feisty, straight-talking guy been for the last two years?  He’s been so far offstage, I wasn’t sure he was even still in the theater.Here’s the Rolling Stone Barack Obama cover, by Mark Seliger.

Tony Blair Pelted in Dublin, the Video

Video from Dublin, of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair arriving at a book shop to promote his new memoir, A Journey:

New Profile: Wyclef Jean

We’ve just posted a new profile of Wyclef Jean — hip-hop star, producer, former member of the Fugees, and now candidate for president of Haiti.

Dick Cheney’s Heart, Then and Now

So Dick Cheney had a pump implanted in his heart last week. The prognosis is uncertain: it may be the prelude to heart transplant surgery, or it may be a semi-reliable solution that could endure for years.

Paul McCartney Gives Republicans Fits

Republican and House Minority Leader John Boehner wants an apology from Sir Paul McCartney. Stop the presses.

The story is here.

“Yeah, we waterboarded…” says George W. Bush

In an otherwise boring and meaningless speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan, George W. Bush, who served as the president of the United States recently, let drop that U.S. authorities had tortured the man they suspected of planning the attacks of 11 September 2001.

W. Tweets!

Former U.S. president George W. Bush seems to have a new Twitter account.
I can imagine him saying to Laura after dinner, “Think ahm gonna go on down ‘n’ do some tweeterin’ — er whatever they call it.”
The most recent entry reads: “Since leaving office, President has remained active. He has visited 20 states and 8 countries.”

Laura Bush Talks About Her Car Crash

According to this story in the New York Times, former First Lady Laura Bush finally “opens up” about the 1963 automobile crash she caused that killed a classmate.

Occupation: Alpha Dog

One perk of being President of the United States:  When filling out your tax return, under Your occupation you get to write “U.S. President.”It’s the little things that count.

Barack Obama IS the Six Million Dollar President

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama paid $1.8 million in taxes this year on a gross adjusted income of $5.5 million.  (Most of the dough came from book sales, and it boiled down to $4.98 million in final taxable income.)Toss in the $1.4 million he earned for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and Barack Obama is your first Six Million Dollar President!

Tiger Woods Hires Ari Fleischer

The New York Post reports that golfer and swinger Tiger Woods has hired on former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer.Tiger’s now moved to the post-scandal step of refurbishing his image, after all those gnarly headlines about cheating on his wife, model Erin Norgren, with umpteen waitresses, porn stars and unnamed third, fourth or fifth parties.

DVD Review: ‘Harvard Beats Yale 29-29’

Harvard Beats Yale, 29-29Documentary – 2008Viewed on: Saturday night, 20 February 2010Pre-movie meal: French onion soup, fries, and a Dr. Loosen Riesling

Thanks for Nothing, Ted Sorensen

Here’s a belated book review of my most frustrating read of 2009: Ted Sorensen’s book Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History.The book came out in 2008 and it’s billed as Ted Sorensen’s frank personal memoir of his 11 years as John Kennedy’s speechwriter and right-hand advisor.

Karl Rove Gets a Divorce

Karl Rove is getting a divorce. Politico: Karl Rove, former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, has been granted a divorce in Texas after 24 years of marriage, family spokeswoman …..

Book Review: ‘Road Dogs’ by Elmore Leonard

Here’s a funny moment from Road Dogs, the latest novel by veteran crime writer Elmore Leonard.The setup: Road Dogs brings back Jack Foley, the charming bank robber from Leonard’s 1996 book Out of Sight. This time Foley is on Venice Beach, hanging out in the mansion of a former prison buddy. Page 233:


This rather long excerpt from Matt Latimer, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush is a fascinating look behind the scenes at the White House during last year’s economic crisis.There are plenty of funny parts, too, even though it reveals confusion at the top that’s not really all that funny. The excerpt is from Latimer’s new book, Speech-Less: Tales of a White House Survivor.

“For Bushies Only”

According to a report in The Raw Story, former staffers from the administration of President George W. Bush plan to create a social network, Facebook-style, specifically for fans and ex-employees of the former president.

Bush Shoe-Tosser Gets Three Years

Three years in prison. That’s the sentence for Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George W. Bush during a Baghdad press conference in December.

Some (Presidents) Like It Hot

“He’s from Hawaii, O.K.? He likes it warm. You could grow orchids in there.”Obama advisor David Axelrod on his boss’s Oval Office habits.

Bush Leaves a Note for Obama

During his last moments at the White House, former President Ronald Reagan scribbled a note for his successor on a notepad with a turkey insignia that said, “Don’t let the turkeys get you down.”Thus starting a tradition that George W. Bush apparently carried on today, leaving a note for Barack Obama. No word on whether it included a sketch of a turkey.

Bush’s Last Days

He’s off to Camp David for the weekend. The West Wing will be a “ghost town.” And then…


“Will the highways on the Internet become more few?””It would be a mistake for the United States Senate to allow any kind of human cloning to come out of that chamber.””They misunderestimated me.”The BBC lines ’em up.

“India,” First Cat, Dies at White House

It’s been quite a month for White House pet news.First the hubbub about a new dog for the Obama family.Then the poor health of Socks, the former First Cat favored by Chelsea Clinton.

Phony Presidential Trivia

Here’s a swell new Onion interview with writer John Hodgman.He’s the dowdy “PC” on Apple TV ads, and a regular on Jon Stewart’s show. He’s also the author of the fake-trivia books The Areas of My Expertise and More Information Than You Require.