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James Cameron Got It Right Again

  The whole Avatar thing is the biggest boondoggle in the history of cinema. Who cares? — A S Hamrah (@hamrahrama) September 24, 2022 A lot of Avatar 2 tweets …..

Anne Heche Has Died at Age 53

Actress Anne Heche has died, a week after her car crashed into a Los Angeles house and burst into flames. TMZ reports that a representative for Heche’s family said that …..

A marching band forms aviator sunglasses on a football field

Top Gun: The Marching Band Edition

Top Gun is back, 36 years later. Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to the 1986 fighter-jock classic (again starring the ageless Tom Cruise) arrives in theaters on May 27. …..

Betty White Joins the 99 Club, Alas

Betty White, the actress and entertainer whose working career spanned an astonishing nine decades, has died at age 99. She passed on Friday morning at her home in California; the …..

Cloris Leachman Knew How to Turn It On

So long, Cloris Leachman. You really knew how to turn it on. In 1984 I was 23 years old and had a $1000-a-month job working for Susan Shadburne, an independent filmmaker …..

Verne Troyer and Yao Ming sit next to each other on an airplane, Yao holding a small laptop and Troyer holding a huge one

Remembering Verne Troyer’s Apple Ad with Yao Ming

Actor Verne Troyer has died at age 49 of unspecified causes. The Los Angeles Times has a full obituary. Verne Troyer appeared in 57 different film and TV roles over …..

Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy in Jackie. Natalie Portman is the latest actress to take on America’s most stylish First Lady. Many famous brunettes including Jaclyn Smith, Roma Downey, Jacqueline Bisset, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Katie Holmes have tried on iconic Kennedy pillbox hat or oversize Onassis shades at some point in their careers. But here’s how that classic Kennedy style looks on Portman in the first official photo from Pablo Larraín’s Jackie..Featuring: Natalie Portman. Where: United States. When: 17 Dec 2015.

Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy: Does She Even Look Like Jackie?

Natalie Portman is playing First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the new biopic Jackie. The film just premiered at the Venice Film Festival and it’s a “brilliantly constructed, diamond-hard character study,” according …..

Gene Wilder, ‘Willy Wonka’ Star, is Dead at 83

Gene Wilder is dead at age 83. Alzheimer’s Disease was the cause, said his nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman. At 83 years and 78 days, he just outlived actor Leonard Nimoy and …..

68th Annual Cannes Film Festival - 'Jazbaa' - Photocall.Featuring: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Where: Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France. When: 19 May 2015.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Biography: Updates!

Our Aishwarya Rai biography has been updated with new facts and photos. For one thing, it’s the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan biography now. She married fellow Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan in 2007. We …..

Truly Madly Deeply (1991). Directed by Anthony Minghella. Shown: Alan Rickman.When: 14 Jan 2016.

Alan Rickman With a Moustache

Alan Rickman had a moustache in the movie Truly Madly Deeply… and it turned out to be a great film anyway! Because Alan Rickman’s talent transcends moustaches. In the film …..

Alan Rickman Biography and Photos

[pt id=’87249′ size=’large’ link=’post’ class=’aligncenter’]Alan Rickman has died at age 69, and it’s shocking news after the death of David Bowie just three days ago. Both great British stars died …..

Eddie Redmayne = Lady Tottington?

Eddie Redmayne and Lady Tottington? Our friendly photo providers at are suggesting that Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne, in his new role as transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl, “strikes a funny resemblance …..

Mark Hamill Is Older Now Than Alec Guinness Was Then

It’s true: Sir Alec Guinness was 63 years old when he played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars in 1977. Mark Hamill is 64 years old today, just in time for the release …..

Star Wars World Premiere: Photos and Torch-Passings

  Yes, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens world premiere was held last night in Los Angeles, and Hollywood turned out for the passing of the light saber. Let’s go …..

The Danish Girl UK premiere - Arrivals.Featuring: Eddie Redmayne. Where: London, United Kingdom. When: 08 Dec 2015.

Eddie Redmayne is a Handsome Devil

Eddie Redmayne is looking good! The Oscar-winning actor has been on a press tour for his upcoming film The Danish Girl, in which he dons a wig, lipstick and dresses to …..

Everyone is Altered

A fine article by Josh Dickey called Everyone is Altered has been making the rounds. News flash: movie stars use fakery to look good!

Peter O’Toole is Dead

The Lawrence of Arabia star ‘had been ill for some time.’

How Far Did Rocky Run?

Hint: more than a marathon. The Philly Post has a funny analysis.

Hitchcock’s Story in Pictures for LIFE Magazine

Alfred Hitchcock “directs” this series of photos in 1942, telling the wartime story, “Have You Heard,” a bit of Allied propaganda whose message is “loose lips sink ships.”

J.J. Abrams Biography: New!

Who2 has a new biography of TV producer and movie director J.J. Abrams. His latest, Star Trek Into Darkness, is now playing everywhere.

Actresses Without Teeth

See some samples from the Tumblr “Actresses Without Teeth.”

Fixing the Oscar Host Problem

In which we wade in, clean up the mess, and pick the perfect host for next year.

Steven Soderbergh is 50

The director of Solaris, Out of Sight and Traffic says he’s retiring.

Tony Scott Had Brain Cancer: Report

ABC News is reporting that the action director had inoperable brain cancer when he jumped from a Los Angeles bridge yesterday.

How Much Hobbit is Too Much Hobbit?

Director Peter Jackson is stretching a modest little book into three big movies. Great idea or greedy blunder?

Adiós, Casablanca!

The editor laments the closing of an old favorite haunt.

Nora Ephron Biography and Photos

Read about the three Oscar nominations, three marriages and much more in our new biography of the writer and director.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Potato Head!

 They say Mr. Potato Head came out on 1 May 1952. Now a senior citizen, he’s more popular than ever.

Did Bigfoot Get a New Agent?

 For a guy who’s never even been seen, Bigfoot sure has been getting a lot of press these last couple of years. Did he get a new agent?

Hoboes or Movie Stars? You Decide!

Are those men members of the Screen Actors Guild, or are they just unloading old Christmas trees in April?

Johnny Depp is Tonto

Yes, that’s him with the wings. He’s playing the Old West’s most famous sidekick in a new movie next year.

Star Wars: The Crowdsourced Version

What happens when hundreds of people send in homemade 15-second clips from Star Wars and it all gets stitched together? Magic! Sort of.

James Cromwell on ‘The Artist’

James Cromwell (“That’ll do, pig”) is one of the many faces in the Oscar-nominated film The Artist. He explains to Moviefone why.

Yoda Sells Japanese Noodles

Yes, really! Yoda is the latest celebrity to go to Japan for the big advertising bucks, using The Force to boil up some noodle water.

Time Flies: Laura San Giacomo is 50

The star of Just Shoot Me never quite made it big as a movie lead, but she’s been steady on the small screen.

Peter Jackson is 50

Peter Jackson is hugging stuffed dogs, directing The Hobbit, and turning 50.  

Oh, Wow: Groovy Star Trek Hippie is Dead

The Times calls Charles Napier “actor who played tough guys.” But he was really “hippie guitarist from Star Trek.”

Happy 83rd Birthday, James Coburn

Happy birthday to rugged actor James Coburn, who turns 83 today. Or would have: he died of a heart attack in 2002.  (I thought he was still with us until I looked it up.)Others who died that same year: baseball great Ted Williams, busybody great Ann Landers, and beloved royal The Queen Mum.

Cowboys & Aliens: What Went Wrong?

One terrific trailer, several famous Hollywood geniuses, and $163 million in wasted budget later, one of the most-anticipated movies of summer 2011 is a baffling dud.

Cary Grant Preferred Double Vents, If You Know What We Mean

A wonderfully obsessive analysis of Cary Grant’s gray Kilgour suit from North By Northwest:”Ventless is unusual for an expensive single breasted jacket these days, yet have been familiar on double breasted suits since the ‘column’ look of the thirties. Grant apparently preferred double vents as he liked to put his hands in his pockets whilst acting.

Roger Ebert Is Not an Especial Fan of ‘The Change-Up’

“‘The Change-Up’ is one of the dirtiest-minded mainstream releases in history. It has a low opinion of men, a lower opinion of women, and the lowest opinion of the intelligence of its audience. It is obscene, foulmouthed, scatological, creepy and perverted. As a bonus, it has the shabbiest low-rent main titles I’ve seen this side of YouTube.”Roger Ebert lowers the boom.

Peter O’Toole Still Hasn’t Hit 80

Distinguished actor Peter O’Toole turns 79 years old today. He was born in 1932, which practically seems like yesterday.

Which Living Felon is Al Pacino Playing Now?

Al Pacino played the late Dr. Jack Kevorkian in a TV movie just last year.Now Al Pacino is playing another living person. Can you tell who it is from this on-the-set photo taken yesterday?

Tom Felton: “An American Tried to Adopt Me”

“An American once tried to adopt me. It was the most disturbing fan mail I received… He sent a binder of official documents that he’d filled out for me, so I just had to sign, change my name to Draco, then divorce my parents and go over to America to live with him.”

Michelle Yeoh Deported From Myanmar

Yesterday the Hollywood Reporter had an article about Myanmar — formerly Burma — deporting the actress Michelle Yeoh.

Marilyn Monroe and Andy Griffith are Birthday Twins

American icons Andy Griffith and Marilyn Monroe were both born on the very same day: June 1 of 1926. They presented two rather different views of America back in the day, you might …..

Chewbacca is 67!

Peter Mayhew, who played furry sidekick Chewbacca in the original Star Wars movies, turns 67 today. 

Greatest Movie Sandwiches

From Denzel’s pastrami to Busey’s meatball sub, they’re all here.

Cannes from the Backside

Johnny Depp lets his suspenders down as he poses for photographers at Cannes this weekend. 

Michael Caine’s 6 Facial Disqualifiers for Movie Stardom

“Take a look in the mirror. Can you see the white on the top of the iris of your eye in relaxed position? Can you see your nostrils looking at your face straight on? Can you see the gums above your top teeth when you smile?  Is your forehead longer than the space between the bottom of your nose and the bottom of your chin?  If you are a man, do you have a very small head?  If you are  a woman, do you have a very big head? 

Harrison Ford Talks ‘Cowboys & Aliens’

“The trick of this thing and the beauty of this thing is that it’s a cowboy movie first and then stuff happens. Even after stuff happens it
doesn’t change — it hasn’t suddenly changed into another kind of movie.

Wallis Simpson: On the Comeback Trail?

“Too ambitious, too ruthless, too greedy, too mannish, too sexual, too cruel, too divorced, too pro-German and too American.”Speaking of “American harlot” Wallis Simpson, she’s apparently on the comeback trail. 

Sidney Lumet: A Few Fond Thoughts

Sidney Lumet has died at age 86.  The director of Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon and 12 Angry Men passed away of lymphoma at his home in New York.A few thoughts about Sidney Lumet from the back row:

Photo of James Garner

Birthday Twins: A Rare Daily Double!

A Maverick, a movie director, and a movie director who’s a maverick.  All this and Sir David Frost too in today’s rare daily double of birthday twins. 

Duncan Jones Biography: New!

Our new biography of Duncan Jones is now live.  He’s the director of the sci-fi film Moon (2009) and now Source Code (starring Jake Gyllenhaal, as seen above on a Spanish poster). 

The Hunt for Red October: Alec Baldwin’s ‘Beady-Eyed’ Producer Responds

Yesterday Alec Baldwin described how he was forced off the sequel to The Hunt for Red October in 1991.He named the “beady-eyed” producer responsible, David Kirkpatrick, and hinted that he was a specimen of the “lyingest, thievingest scumbags on Earth.”Today Kirkpatrick responded.

Just a Nice Photo: Joan Cusack

Actress Joan Cusack gets smooched at the premiere of Mars Needs Moms at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles last night.

Jack Wild, Happy Fifth Deathday to You

Actor Jack Wild died on this day in 2006. Cancer of the mouth was the cause; he’d had most of his tongue and larynx removed in 2004, but the disease got him at age 53.

Oscar Winners Stare Bravely Ahead, Holding Their Oscars

It’s easier to look bravely into the future when you’re holding an Oscar in your hand.  Academy Award winners Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Melissa Leo and Colin Firth did just that last nigh

Two-Fisted Oscars for ‘The Fighter’

Melissa Leo and Christian Bale — mother and son in The Fighter — have swept the supporting actor awards at the 2011 Oscars. 

How Tall is Jacki Weaver?

Jacki Weaver is 4’9″ tall.  We just did the research.The Australian actress and Oscar nominee is clearly a bit on the short side. In the gangster film Animal Kingdom she plays a crime boss so tiny she’s nicknamed “Smurf.”

Where’s Buzz? At the Berlin Film Festival!

Hero astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his wife, Lois Aldrin, pose with Alain Visser, a vice president for Opel, on Monday night. They were at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) – Cinema for Peace Gala, held at the Konzerthaus in Berlin, Germany.

Burt Reynolds Is 75 and Just the Right Age to Play Antonin Scalia

Seventies superstud Burt Reynolds turns 75 years old today.  He was born in Lansing, Michigan on this day in 1936. (Exactly one month before the birth of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia. Reynolds could play Scalia in a film about the rise of the Tea Party, couldn’t he? Maybe in Jack Horner mode?)

Eat Your Heart Out, Captain Hook

A resiliant Aron Ralston gets a laugh out of his missing right arm at the Australian premier of the movie 127 Hours on Monday night. The film stars James Franco …..

Clint Eastwood In Your Kitchen

Here’s what it’s like when a Hollywood icon shoots a 20-second bit outside your front door. Best line:

Coens vs. Clint: Multi-Oscar Showdown!

“Fill your hands with Oscar nominations, you #$@%!!”The Coen Brothers are thrice-nominated for True Grit in the Academy Awards this year: for best picture, director, and adapted screenplay. 

Roger Ebert, Looking Sharp in Chicago

Roger Ebert and his wife Chaz Ebert attended the world premiere of the movie The Dilemma in Chicago last night. Dig the scarves. 

Robert Duvall is 80 Years Old

Robert Duvall turns 80 years old today. Happy birthday, old man! You’re the greatest. 

Pete Postlethwaite, Nice Guy

“Pete taught for a brief period at my (convent!) school in Manchester. He
was quite uncomfortable at times to be surrounded by hormonal teenage
girls, but we all adored him! We all wrote ‘I love Pete Pos’ on our
white gym shoes.”The BBC has posted fans’ warm reminiscences of actor Peter Postlethwaite, who has died of testicular cancer at age 64.

Real-Life ‘Liesl Von Trapp’ Dead at 97

She’s no longer 97 going on 98.Sorry, couldn’t resist.  The sad truth is, Agathe von Trapp has died at age 97 in Baltimore, Maryland.

‘Cuddles’ Sakall: A Holiday Appreciation

Last December I wrote an encomium to Christmas in Connecticut, the most delightful Christmas movie ever made. Here’s what I had to say about veteran character actor S.Z. Sakall:

Jenny Agutter is 58

The British actress Jenny Agutter turns 58 today. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Just Look Like Movie Stars

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt delivered the movie glamour on Monday night at the world premiere of The Tourist in New York City.  Angelina Jolie stars with Johnny Depp in the big-budget thriller, set and filmed in Venice (

‘Cowboys and Aliens’ is Not Funny

“By the time the film… opens next July, the studio expects advertising and future promotions to have persuaded almost everyone that Mr. Favreau’s movie is a tough-minded adventure on the order of Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven — with aliens.”It may sound like an action comedy, but Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens is actually supposed to be really scary.Now that you know, watch that trailer again:

Tommy Lee Jones is the Boss of Japanese Coffee

Tommy Lee Jones has cooled a little onscreen, with a mere 10 films in the last 10 years compared to 20 in the glorious 1990s when he starred in The Fugitive, Men In Black, Batman Forever and a bunch of other great films.

“Why is the Alien Person Wearing a Stanford T-Shirt?”

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip put on 3D glasses yesterday at the University of Sheffield. They were actually driving a virtual backhoe, not watching Avatar. The Queen looked tentative at first, but then seemed to get the hang of 3D.

Today’s Movie Trailer is in German

Here, from the German version of Fox Home Entertainment, is a trailer auf Deutsch for Gansgster für eine Nacht, starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey.
You may also know it as Date Night.

Barbara Billingsley Speaks Jive

I didn’t know that the late Barbara Billingsley was the “I speak jive” lady from the 1980 comedy Airplane.

Oh, Dear: Adam Sandler Dressed Like a Girl

Perhaps it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, but Adam Sandler is dressing like a girl for his next movie, Jack and Jill.  Sandler plays both title parts, it seems, as a family man who struggles with a twin sister who comes for vacation and

The Family Circus Movie: Who Will Direct?

It’s true: 20th Century Fox has bought the rights for a live-action feature film based on the comic strip The Family Circus.Jennifer Love Hewitt should be a lock to play Thel, but the real question is: who’s going to direct?  Let’s explore the possibilities, starting with this real-life Family Circus cartoon:

Robert DeNiro in “Manual Love 3”?

Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci stroll on the set of Manual Love 3 yesterday in Rome.  At least, our friends at WENN identify the title as “Manual Love 3,” which sounds not-quite-right.

Joaquin Phoenix Documentary: It Was a Gag After All

“It’s a terrific performance, it’s the performance of his career… I never intended to trick anybody. The idea of a quote, hoax, unquote, never entered my mind.” That was director Casey …..

Woody Allen Has Never Seen His Own Movies

I’ve never once in my life seen any film of mine after I put it out. Ever. I haven’t seen “Take the Money and Run” since 1968. I haven’t seen “Annie Hall” or “Manhattan” or any film I’ve made afterward. If I’m on the treadmill and I’m scooting through the channels, and I come across one of them, I go right past it instantly, because I feel it could only depress me. I would only feel, “Oh God, this is so awful, if I could only do that again.”

On Location: Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis film a scene from their movie Friends With Benefits yesterday at Los Angeles International Airport.Yahoo Movies previews the plot:

Yes, It’s THAT Eli Wallach

Our new profile of veteran actor Eli Wallach has just been posted by editor Paul Hehn.You look at recent photos of Eli Wallach and think, oh, here’s this grandfatherly old fellow who pinches babies’ cheeks and wears tweed socks and sits on park benches looking harmlessly at pretty girls as they jog past.

Objects on Set May Be Shorter Than They Appear

This photo from the set of The Invention of Hugo Cabret caught my eye.  Could acclaimed director Martin Scorsese really be that much shorter than everyone else?

Sean Penn: A 50th-Birthday Sideburn Celebration!

Happy 50th birthday to terrific actor Sean Penn.Sean Penn was born on 17 August 1960 in Burbank, California. Being born just over the hill from Hollywood, it’s no surprise Penn ended up as an actor — though it’s maybe a surprise that he ended up being such a good actor.In honor of his 50th birthday, here’s a photo collection of the many faces of Sean Penn.  As we’ll see, those many faces have had many different sideburns.

Sylvester Stallone Loves Lots of Hugging

A few days ago we asked the musical question, “Why does Sly Stallone have a plastic bear dangling from his cell phone?”

Barbra Streisand Wants Me to Buy ‘What’s Up, Doc?’

Barbra Streisand sent me an email today with the headline “‘What’s Up, Doc?’ Coming Soon on Blu-ray.”  (The inside headline is all enthusiasm: “What’s Up, Doc? Available in Two Weeks!  First Streisand Movie on Blu-ray!”)

‘Sex and the City 2’: Bonus Slams!

Two more for the heap.The Washington Post:”An enervated, crass and gruesomely caricatured trip to nowhere.”The New York Post:

50 Cent: Get Thin or Die Tryin’

Rapper 50 Cent has dropped from 214 to 160 pounds — a whopping 25% of his weight — according to the ThisIs50 blog. He lost the pounds to play the role of a cancer-stricken football player in the upcoming movie Things Fall Apart, says the blog, which also says that Fitty is now back touring (and eating).

The 24 Best Summer Blockbusters Ever

Time Out runs ’em down. 30 movies are actually on the list, but a half-dozen are clearly included just to be argued about.  We’re not biting!

Get Out of There!

In the spirit of “We got company” and “It’s gonna blow!”  (Note: some naughty language.)

Abrams + Spielberg = Top Secret Goodness

The cat is out of the bag on the top-secret J.J. Abrams + Steven Spielberg movie project at Paramount.It’s sci-fi, it’s called Super 8, and it will be out in 2011.  Trailers are going out with screenings of Iron Man 2.

Roger Ebert is Not Loving ‘The Backup Plan’

The movie deals with artificial insemination, romance, sex and organic goat cheese, which are promising areas for investigation, but it’s so watered-down, it approaches homeopathy.Roger Ebert chuckles over The Backup Plan, the new Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy.Speaking of Nuts the terrier (as Ebert does), Lopez posed with him on the red carpet at the LA premiere this week.

James Mason at Last!

James Mason (center) with Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, and Martin Landauin the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock thriller North By NorthwestEditor Paul Hehn has just profiled actor James Mason, and thank heavens. He’s a great one.

Next James Bond Film Suspended

The BBC says that producers are worried about MGM’s financial problems.  Sam Mendes was in talks to direct, with a release date set for 2012 — the 50th anniversary of Dr. No.Maybe suspension is a good thing, given how dopey Quantum of Solace was. They should take all the time they need to get back to the magic of Casino Royale.

Who’ll Be the American Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?

PopEater speculates on which actress will snag the title role in the American remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.It’s depressing reading.  Kristen Stewart? Megan Fox? 

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the Five Iron

So why didn’t anyone tell me that there’s a scene in The Girl WIth the Dragon Tattoo where a young Swedish woman waving a golf club chases a sex fiend out of the house and into his SUV and then, as he tries to careen off down the driveway, she bashes in the driver’s side window with the five iron?(It looked like a five iron to me, though that’s not specified in the movie. Just like real life!)

Greta Garbo, Happy 20th Deathday!

Greta Garbo, the Swedish siren of the 1930s, died on this day in 1990 after 49 years in retirement.  She’d be 104 years old if she were still alive and paying taxes today.

John Belushi IS Pappy Boyington

I just added photos to our profile of Pappy Boyington, the hard-living World War II flying ace who shot down 28 Japanese planes and won the Medal of Honor.Something about the photo looked familiar. I pondered it a while, chewing on a thumbnail… and then it arrived:

James Cameron Saturday

I went in and pitched it to the studio as Romeo and Juliet on a ship: “It’s going to be this epic romance, passionate film.”  Secretly what I wanted to do was I wanted to dive to the real wreck of Titanic, and that’s why I made the movie. James Cameron tells the TED Conference about his fascination with diving and how it’s affected his career.

Stanley Tucci Is a Good Interview

“Sometimes you do just have to go do a job to make money, and sometimes — I think — who was it? Was it Edward G. Robinson who said — you did three movies a year. One for the location, one for the money, and one for the art.”Stanley Tucci, in an interview with Dark Horizons last year.

The Oscars: 10 Worst Robberies

The Telegraph has compiled their 10 worst injustices in Oscar history. Stanley Kubrick, Kevin Costner, and (ugh) Forrest Gump all figure prominently. “2010’s most obvious potential injustice — will District 9 …..

Star Wars, Napoleon, and “Reality” in the Movies

Star Wars, perhaps the most successful science-fiction film ever made, breaks dozens of laws of physics but has been enjoyed by millions. Its more recent prequels break no more and are, to those of us who grew up with the originals, heartbreakingly worse.Actor David Mitchell reflects on “reality” in the movies.Movie crews don’t much care… until they’re filming a scene about filming a scene:

Roger Ebert Not a Huge Fan of ‘Extraordinary Measures’

The trailers for Harrison Ford’s new movie Extraordinary Measures have been baffling.  Are they cops, doctors, journalists, er whut? And why is everyone shouting?Thanks to Roger Ebert’s review, I now see that it’s a desperately-seeking-a-cure movie — as Ebert puts it, “Lorenzo’s Oil with a different disease.”

Latinos Love Alvin and the Chipmunks

Fox’s “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” collected $50.2 million over the weekend and $77.1 million since it debuted Wednesday. Its crowds were 70% families and heavily Latino. “The Squeakquel” also grossed $36.5 million from the 42 foreign markets where it launched. That’s more than twice as much as the first “Alvin” opened to in the same countries in 2007.”Heavily Latino”?


Paul Newman Memorial Movie ReviewFAT MAN AND LITTLE BOYViewed at home, courtesy of NetflixMeal: Popcorn and 2/3 of a bottle of Luzon Jumilla Spanish wine (2005)We happened to have FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY in the house, courtesy of Netflix, so we watched it tonight with many fond nods and mental genuflections in the direction of Westport, Connecticut and the ghost of Paul Newman.

Weird New Images From Heath Ledger’s Last Film

Heath Ledger was filming a movie when he died: not Batman but The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, the latest hallucinatory (and typically cursed) project from Monty Python alumnus Terry Gilliam.How hallucinatory? New photos below.The flick was described this way at Cannes:

Obituary First Lines: Roy Scheider

A smattering of obituary openings for actor Roy Scheider, who has died at age 75:- “Thanks to Roy Scheider, it was okay for the good people of Amity Island to go back in the water again.” -E! Online