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Adam Ant is Stuart Goddard

Today is Adam Ant‘s birthday. He’s 56.

This “Antmusic” video was a big hit on MTV in 1980. I have that first Adam and the Ants album, by Adam Ant and including the songs “Antmusic” and “Ants Invasion.” It has a lot of great pop songs on it. “Dog Eat Dog” and “Killer in the Home” are still on my playlist about once a year or so — maybe because I have it on vinyl. It’s the only Adam Ant record I have. I lost interest in whatever came after that.

Adam Ant’s real name is Stuart Goddard. He’s still around and still performing once in a while. When he’s not going nuts and causing a stir, that is.

Sometimes he walks around with a puppy.

Happy birthday, Stuart!

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