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Battle of the Presidential URLs

When Rudy Giuliani called it quits On Wednesday afternoon, he also brought a merciful end to 2008’s clumsiest campaign URL:

No surprise: The four top remaining candidates all are masters of their own domains:

Is the ability to secure one’s own domain name a prerequisite for the presidency? Is it a symbol of foresight? Campaign efficiency? Negotiating savvy? Cash flow?

Whatever. Your-name-dot-com may not guarantee a win (it didn’t help John Edwards, after all), but anything else is plainly a bad sign. Check the three other most recent presidential drop-outs:


This all bodes well for, but it’s not so hot for

Still more: Turns out that Mima Search Marketing ran a lively article on this topic a year ago, albeit from a search engine optimization point of view. (““? No wonder he went nowhere.)

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