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Bikinis, Beer and Crocodile Traps Are a Smart, Sensible Mix

While Americans are playing boring old football and Indians are dabbling in cricket, the Australians have invented a new sport: swimming into baited crocodile traps.

It’s possibly not a good idea.

The craziness of the stunt is matched only by the wonderful Aussie slang used to describe it:

The image of the three drongos risking their lives and limbs surfaced yesterday after they were posted on Facebook.

It is believed the picture was taken at Manton Dam — about 75km south of Darwin. The photo shows one man atop the floating metal cage — designed to capture 4m long salties.

His two mates are pulling faces from inside the baited trap.

The whole thing got started last month when two bikini-clad “drongos” became the “laugh of the nation” after “pulling faces” on top of a trap. The new boys took it from there.

So thank you, bikini girls Ally Pettifor and Bonnie Keogh and unnamed male successors!  You are our Drongos of the Day.

(Hat tip: Deadspin. More: Idiots swim into baited croc trap)

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