Bérénice Béjo

Facts about Bérénice Béjo

Bérénice Béjo is 47 years old
Born: July 7, 1976
Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Best known as:  Dancing Peppy Miller in the 2011 film The Artist



Bérénice Béjo Biography

Actress Bérénice Béjo worked in French television and cinema for fifteen years before becoming an international movie star as Peppy Miller, the dancing starlet of the 2011 film The Artist. Born in Argentina and raised in France, the slim, dark-eyed Béjo began her career in television, and from 1997 to 1999 appeared in the series Un et un font six. She also co-starred in the series Sauvetage in 2000, the same year she won the lead in the film Meilleur espoir féminin (Most Promising Young Actress). Béjo made her Hollywood debut in the Heath Ledger romance A Knight’s Tale (2001), but worked mostly in France, getting a reputation for light comedy, such as in OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies in 2006, a spoof directed by husband Michel Hazanavicius and starring hunky French screen star Jean Dujardin. Béjo reunited with both men for The Artist, a silent film shot in black and white that became an international hit. The film brought Oscar nominations in 2012 for all three, with Béjo getting attention for her supporting role. Her other films include Dissonances (2003), Cavalcade (2005, starring Marion Cotillard) and La maison (The House, 2007).

Extra credit

Bérénice Béjo’s father is filmmaker Miguel Béjo.


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