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Broadway Shocker: Fired After Only 9832 Shows

George Lee Andrews is being let go by The Phantom of the Opera a mere 23 years after he joined the Broadway cast. After 9832 shows he is back out on the street.

How embarrassing for him!

Mr. Andrews is only 68, and we hope this won’t cast a pall over his career.  Perhaps he can find an artful way to hide it on his resume — “left for personal reasons” — and hope nobody reads too closely.

As he looks for shreds of dignity to cling to, maybe he can feel good about being part of the original 1988 Broadway cast. Still, only 14.5 million people have seen him in the show since then.

At the 1:08 mark of this video he describes the type of blunder that no doubt got him canned:

A couple slip-ups like that over 23 years and you’re gone. This is Broadway, baby.

Mr. Andrews, we hope you learned something. Better luck with your next show.

{ Photo: Joan Marcus }

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