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Bugs Bunny, Happy 70th (sort of) Birthday!

Cartoon wabbit Bugs Bunny turns 70 today, give or take a few years. 

Most Bugs Bunny fans celebrate his birthday on July 27th — the day in 1940 that the Warner Brothers cartoon A Wild Hare was released in theaters.  That was the first cartoon in which Bugs delivered his hit line, “What’s up, doc?”

But the truth is a little muddier than that because a proto-Bugs started appearing in Warner Brothers cartoons back in 1938, getting sassier (and more prominent) as the next few years went by.  A Wild Hare is often called the first “fully developed” Bugs, but… y’know. 

It just goes to show that in Hollywood, even the cartoons shave a few years off their age. 

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