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Burt Reynolds Says No to Drugs

Anyone familiar with the personal history of actor Burt Reynolds will read “Burt Reynolds says no to drugs” and think “uh…again?”

Just last year Reynolds was in rehab for an addiction to prescription pain killers.

The video here is from a 1986 TV movie called Shattered… If Your Kid’s On Drugs, and it features Burt Reynolds and Judd “Breakfast Club” Nelson as wise, head-shaking observers of reckless teens getting into trouble with drugs:

According to interviews Reynolds has given in the past, Shattered must have been filmed either during or just after a different episode of his life when he was addicted to prescription drugs. In the video it’s clear he understands peer pressure — he tells Judd, “when I was in high school, if you couldn’t chug-a-lug a pint a booze, you were nothin’.”

The video comes by way of, whose collection of curiosities is worth a look.

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