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Castro in the Comics

Sometimes the comic strip Pearls Before Swine just cracks me up.

But yesterday’s strip was a double whammy. As editor Paul Hehn points out, Cuba’s Raul Castro actually did make an appearance, however oblique, in ‘Hi and Lois’ on the same day.

Do you suppose Stephan Pastis and Brian Walker were having dinner together this summer and after their third sangria said, “Let’s both mention, uh, uh, Raul Castro on the same day!”?

Hats off to them!

(My understanding is that to legally reproduce these images, I now have to review or make a critical comment about them. That will make this blog entry criticism rather than just stealing the comics.

So: I like the way the goat’s horns are drawn, if that’s a goat. And I like the way the rat holds his pose in panel two.)

Nice work, boys.

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