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Charlie Sheen “Threatened to Kill” His Wife

More details of the Charlie Sheen arrest on Christmas Day have come out. They aren’t pretty:

The Aspen Police Department on Monday released the 911 tape in which Brooke Mueller told an emergency dispatcher that Sheen threatened her with a switch-blade knife and that she feared for her life.

Aspen police officer Valerie McFarlane interviewed Mueller. Sheen became enraged after she told him she wanted a divorce and would seek custody of the children, according to Mueller’s statement to McFarlane in the affidavit…

Mueller said Sheen grabbed her by the upper part of the throat while straddling her on the bed in the upstairs bedroom, according to the affidavit. He then allegedly held the knife to her throat and threatened to have her killed by ex-police officers he could hire “who can get the job done” if she told anyone about the altercation…

Sheen denied pushing, striking, strangling or threatening Mueller with a knife, but said they slapped each other on the arms during the course of the verbal altercation.

He also told Magnuson that he broke two pairs of Mueller’s eyeglasses in front of her, according to the affidavit.

Good grief.

The cops say that Sheen showed them his knife, a folding model with a 4-inch blade, which was in his travel bag but “in the locked and open position.”

Sheen is still TV’s highest-paid actor, getting $850,000 an episode for Two and a Half Men, which has been on the air since 2003. How long can that last?

The Aspen Times has the local angle on all this.

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