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Charlotte Brontë’s Expensive Little Book

A miniature book by Charlotte Brontë sold at auction this week for a sum that will make you think twice about throwing out your kid’s artwork.

Charlotte and her siblings famously wrote stories when they were kids, and this book, titled Young Men’s Magazine Number 2, was made in 1830, when Charlotte was 14 years old.

Charlotte Brontë went on to write Jane Eyre, and this unpublished manuscript includes a scene that she developed later for that novel.

The book is only 19 pages, a hand-made little thing that’s only 35 mm by 61 mm. That means it’s only about an inch and a half by two and a half inches. That’s tiny.

It sold at auction for just over $1 million, what works out to be about $57,000 per page. It was purchased for The Museum of Letters and Manuscripts in Paris.

Read about the auction here.

Find out more about the Brontë family’s little books from this Harvard Magazine piece, or check out some of the digitized versions of some of their books here.

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