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Craig Resignation Stalled

Larry Craig isn’t leaving the Senate after all. Not yet, anyway.

The Idaho senator said three weeks ago that he intended to resign on September 30th, after stories leaked out about his quiet guilty plea to a June arrest for soliciting sex in a Minneapolis airport restroom. But Craig later backtracked, saying he would try to take back his guilty plea and might stay in the Senate if he succeeded in doing so.

Yesterday Craig put things off further, saying “The court has not issued a ruling on my motion to withdraw my guilty plea. For now, I will continue my work in the United States Senate for Idaho.”

Avid Craig-watchers will appreciate the in-depth archives now offered from his home-state paper, The Idaho Statesman. Included are .pdf files of the original arrest report and of Craig’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea, and a surprisingly dull political life in pictures.

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