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December 6th — Barren?

Reader Lenore Schuller writes in: “Why have you skipped December 6th?”

She refers to the Who2 birthday index, in which every day of the year has at least one celebrity birthday… except for December 6th. Out of our 2500+ profiles, no famous person was born on that day.

We’ve resisted (so far) the urge to hunt down one famous person born on that day and profile them. December 6th will just have to make it into the database on its own merits.

The day with the most births? December 25th, with 13 people (including Humphrey Bogart and Karl Rove). Second place is a five-way tie: January 6, February 8 and 18, April 3, August 30, each with 11 names to its credit.

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