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“Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth”

The Times of London has a new look back at the disappearance of adventurer Steve Fossett.

The reporter, Emma Smith, gingerly raises the question of suicide (briskly rejected by Fossett’s friends) and notes that “A report in Men’s Journal, a US magazine, has suggested his mind may have been on other matters in the wake of a rare argument with [his wife] Peggy earlier that morning.”

That issue of Men’s Journal, with the article apparently by adventure author Peter Heller, isn’t on the streets yet.

At least one Fossett project is continuing without him. Nevada’s Ely News has overheard Fossett’s World Land Speed Racing Team laying the political groundwork for an 800-MPH run at the land speed record. The local reporter, Lisa Wolf, gets a nice scoop while drolly recounting the Fossett team’s disdain for the “media circus.”

Fossett has been missing since September 3. Last month his wife asked to have him declared legally dead.

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